Allow me to introduce myself…

My expertise—acquired over the last 40 years—is in political advocacy communications using visual, audio, and print in all media; political, election, and advocacy campaign development and implementation; and management, fundraising and membership development consulting for progressive, non-profit organizations.

I work with clients who are socially progressive: politicians, community organizations, social justice groups, unions, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and artists.

I can best help clients who need an experienced hand to develop and implement any or all aspects of campaigns that have specific, clearly defined goals.

If desired, I can help clients define those goals, develop the strategies to achieve them, and raise the resources necessary to finance their campaigns.

I have worked with multimillion dollar clients and multi-dollar clients. As this virtual resumé will attest, for me the cause—and the people fighting for it—are as important as the contract.

Over the last three years my focus has begun to shift towards using feature film and television program development that is cause oriented.

Production costs continue to decline, markets are increasing, and the audience is growing for issue-based, advocacy-oriented dramas and documentaries. The visual media is emerging as the best way—soon it will be, in my opinion—the only effective way to widely promote issues and raise broad public support.

See the website for the feature film Saving Dinah for more about my involvement in cause-oriented films that can help change our world for the better.