Submissions to Governments

Statement to the Ontario Standing Committee on the Legislative Assembly about Bill 214: An Act to amend the Election Act, the Election Finances Act and the Legislative Assembly Act,to repeal the Representation Act, 1996 andto enact the Representation Act, Toronto, 2005

A Joint Submission to the Eminent Panel on Seal Management from Environment Voters and the Animal Protection Institute, 2000

A Brief to Winnipeg City Council: The Political, Animal Services, and Scientific Case Against Pound Seizure, 2002

Strategy Papers

“Please, Prime Minister Chrétien keep your promise to the Lubicon,” prepared for the Lubicon Legal Defence Fund, 2002

Influencing the Canadian Seal Hunt Policy With a Consumer Boycott of Canadian Seafood, prepared for the directors of Animal Alliance of Canada, 2004

Washington Strategy: an integrated advocacy and fundraising campaign

Saving Dinah—An Affinity Feature Films cooperative direct marketing campaign created to help animal protection, non-profit organizations raise funds, promote issues, and acquire new supporters.

Print Advertisements

Can you help one child more? Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund

Media Releases

Essays, Op-eds, Talks & Papers

God, Culture, and Women—a talk given at the symposium “The Canadian Seal Controversy: Biological, Cultural, and Ethical Perspectives,” Center for Northern Studies and Research, Department of Geography, McGill University, Montreal, 1985

Environmental Science Symposium, University of Guelph, 2 February 2002

Saving the Planet to Death: The Need to Reform the Most Important Barrier to Ecological Sustainability

Prime Minister Martin’s bad faith policies towards Lubicon—op ed ghost written for Ron Kaplansky, Trustee, Lubicon Legal Defense Fund, 2005

If Mayor Glen Murray can’t even run a dog pound what makes him think he can run a city? Published in Taking Chances, Animal Alliance of Canada, 2002

The economics of the Canadian Seafood Boycott, paid editorial, Navigator Magazine

Fundraising appeals

Melancthon Citizens Coalition: Two companies…have targeted Melancthon Township…

Lubicon Legal Defence Fund: The Lubicon are a patient people…

Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund: This is the time of year when, despite winter’s cold…

Animal Alliance of Canada: With regret, I must tell you that to end the Canadian commercial seal hunt…

Animal Alliance of Canada: Project Jessie’s mission is to help the homeless pet dogs and cats who others have abandoned as lost causes…

Environment Voters: Toronto City Council is making a decision at its May 21-23 meeting that could cost you, personally, tens of thousands of dollars…

Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund: Kids Haven. The P.I.N. (People In Need). Zululand Hospice. Your generous financial support is making it possible for the people who run these three projects…

Animal Alliance / Environment Voters: Animal Alliance/Environment Voters has shifted into “high gear,” preparing for the next federal election—Election Day, October 19, 2015